Below are brief descriptions of some of the services we offer. Please contact us to obtain more detailed information or to inquire about our ability to meet any of your needs that are not listed here.

Water and Wastewater System Insurance Services
We provide an insurance program designed to protect purveyors of Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems. The package was created to provide an insurance program for the typically neglected small water company owners. Time and experience have broadened that program to now offer a full range of superior coverage to water and wastewater companies of all sizes, smallest to largest. Click here for more information.

Certified Operator Services
As your “Operator in Charge,” we can operate and maintain your system with one of three levels of service. We have extensive experience in potable water and sewage treatment facility operation and maintenance. We have the highest levels of certification provided by the OPH as well as additional accreditations.

Rate Studies
We can assist you in analyzing your utility rates to make certain you are charging the correct amount for the services you provide.

We can perform system sampling and reporting services to demonstrate compliance for your sized system to meet OPH requirements. Your annual Consumer Confidence Reports are also handled on request.

Water System Operation and Maintenance Plan
If not already required by OPH, this plan will soon be required for your system. Proactive development of the plan now will put you ahead of forthcoming requirements.

To assist you in becoming certified to run your own system, we conduct Louisiana DHH/OPH approved training which meets all compliance requirements for all regulating agencies.

Permitting Services
We can rapidly and easily develop and submit your wastewater permit application for the LDEQ to obtain the permits you need to begin operation or meet the recurring five-year permit renewal requirement.

Regulatory Compliance Consulting
We can guide you through the compliance process to ensure your system meets compliance specifications. Services offered include a complete review and checkup of the entire system for regulatory compliance. We will review sample tap placement, the potential for cross connections, and make recommendations for improvement of your particular system.

Agency Meetings or Inspections
We can represent you with the LDEQ or the LDHH/OPH during annual inspections, compliance enforcement actions, or while resolving compliance issues.

Let us help you to create the assurance you need to be confident of your system compliance and to continue operating your facility successfully and efficiently! Please contact us today via phone, e-mail, mail, or fax.