Our Staff

Mr. David Booth is a technically strong, multi-media (water, air, waste) environmental manager. He has diverse, multi-industry experience in technical, management, and consultancy roles. He demonstrates a record of accomplishment in problem identification/solving, achieving compliance and proactive environmental visioning. Recognized for an ability to raise environmental awareness, initiate culture changes and cultivate positive/beneficial relationships with state and federal agencies, he is able to bring about change through his own direct actions as well as those he leads formally or informally. See Mr. Booth’s biographical sketch for more detailed information and background

Mr. J.W. Hellums also brings diverse practical experience gained in over twenty-two years of operating and managing water systems as well as over seven years of consultant experience where he provided technical assistance and training directly to rural systems. This technical assistance was under the purview of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. EPA, and the Office of Public Health. During his tenure operating and managing potable systems and providing technical assistance, Mr. Hellums repeatedly demonstrated his ability to lead, build teams, train his subordinates and co-workers, and his talent for getting the job done when working with rural water systems in dire need of his assistance. See Mr. Hellums’ biographical sketch for more detailed information and background.